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“A well behaved dog isn’t expensive...it’s PRICELESS!”

Whether you live in one of the beautiful Dallas suburbs or in the Heart of The Big City, Dogs Mind Training will bring more peace and less stress into your daily life.


 One of the most important decisions you can make is whether or not to hire a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Expert. It can be difficult or even impossible to train your dog without the necessary tools and understanding of how a dogs mind really works.

Q. Is In-Home Training worth the money?

   The benefits of 1 on 1 in-home training are limitless. We not only help your dog conquer and manage their behavioral issues, but we also show YOU how to take control and become a better pack leader making you a great role model and your dog a better canine citizen. A professional dog trainer can easily point out any behavioral issues a dog is exhibiting that the owner may not have previously noticed.

Q. How about my local pet store obedience course?

   A well OBEDIENT dog is NOT necessarily a well BEHAVED dog so keep in mind, proper dog training isn’t simply teaching your dog “tricks” such as sit, stay, roll over and heel, but also common behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, barking, jumping, counter surfing or even aggression.  Group training courses lack the 1 on 1 focus that you and your dog deserve and usually do not address these behavior issues.

Q. “Can old dogs learn new tricks”?

  Not only is your old dog capable of learning, it is crucial for his mind and body to continue to learn...as our dogs get old, we tend to exercise them less because they can’t keep up and their bodies are arthritic and creaky. Our dogs seem to be perfectly happy sleeping in and wandering about the house. But in reality your dog would be much happier to be able to continue using their mind.

  Whether you have a puppy or a geriatric dog, it is important to keep them stimulated. Dogs, like people, need to use their brains in order to keep sharp and like puppies, an older dog may have a shorter attention span and take a little longer to learn a new command or correct a behavior issue...but it is never too late for your dog to learn.

  The older he gets the better he gets (like a fine wine) and the more he needs your love and compassion to help him (his body and his mind) age gracefully!

Q. When should I start training my puppy?

  IMMEDIATELY!!  Puppies are naturally hard-wired to follow a pack leader. A pack leader is, by definition, strong, stable, and consistent; traits many new puppy owners sometimes can forget. Puppies sense our confidence levels and will take control if they perceive us as weak. When this happens, bad behaviors, such as excessive barking, chewing, leash-pulling, or anxiety, will develop.

Q. Can an aggressive dog be cured?

  We have many years of hands on experience with aggressive and unpredictable dogs and our techniques and philosophies have been proven to work. 

  Aggression towards humans or other dogs can be reduced and sometimes eliminated, however, there’s no guarantee that an aggressive dog can be completely cured.  In many cases, the only solution is to manage the problem and we can find and treat the best and most effective way to do so, making your life easier and less stressful.

Q. What’s with all the AMAZING reviews?

  We are VERY fortunate to consistently receive such great reviews and believe that this is due to the fact that we here at Dogs Mind Training truly care about and have a love for ALL dogs and our compassion is evident from the first moment we arrive at your home. We are also proud of our honesty in business and our ability to teach and explain to you how your dogs mind works in regular terms that YOU can understand and identify with. That is why many of our clients are find us by “word of mouth” from their family, friends, neighbors and coworkers

Q. How do I get started, what’s next?

   First take the time to look around our web site and check out our training philosophyprices or see some reviews. Then send us a quick Email and we will quickly send you send you a questionnaire to fill out for us to suggest the best options for your training and to be able to reference later.

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